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Campaign Protection protects your pay per click campaigns from fraudulent and duplicate clicks by tracking and analyzing your pay-per-click traffic with our advanced click fraud detection technology.

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Click Fraud Protection

Our software is looking for patterns by IP address, geolocation, browser cookie, browser fingerprinting, time spent on page and more to help isolate and eliminate fraudulent clicks.

Detailed Reporting

You get detailed easy to understand rich historical & real-time reports with advanced search and filtering to splice and dice your data.

PPC Visitor Tracking

With Campaign Protection all of your pay per click ad clicks are tracked regardless of where they come from. We can track Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook, Twitter, as well as any other campaigns.

Click Fraud Audit

We audit every campaign click to provide you with detailed source information. You will know where each lead came from be it a signup, website sale, paid ads social media posts or email signups.

Daily Email Reporting

Get daily and weekly email reports for your website activity. This will give you helpful insights of performance and usage, so you can spot trends and react accordingly.

Email Alert Instant Notification

We send you email alert notifications in instantly when click fraud or fraudulent activity is suspected on your website.

Easy Setup

Up and running in 5 minutes. Just place our tracking code onto your website to get started. No coding required.

Data Export

Our reports can be exported as pdf, csv or plain text files so you can do offline analysis.

AdWords API IP Exclusions

We can instantly exclude IP addresses from seeing your ads with Google AdWords API automatically.

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